Simple Asian Cashew Chicken Salad

We had such a great long Memorial Day Weekend! Saturday we got to meet up with some friends for the Salsa Showdown at a local brewery. Sunday we spend the day relaxing and playing outside in what was supposed to be rainy weather but turned out to be really nice and sunny. Yesterday we spent the day prepping food for a family dinner. We make bacon wrapped jalapeΓ±os filled with cream cheese, jalepeno sliders, grilled chicken and baked beans. I had some pineapple coconut cream cake with homemade vanilla ice cream because it would have been a tragedy to have not. We ended the night playing outside with the kiddos. 

Someone please bring me all the coffee this morning because I am not ready! 

I wanted to share this reallllly simple salad that is really healthy if your on a diet or just downright delicious even if your'e not!