Welcome to guac my life!

I'm Natalie, food stylist and mama of 3 living in Birmingham, Alabama! 

My journey to living a healthy lifestyle comes from this crazy but beautiful life with lots of hard-times and victories. My oldest daughter beat a highly malignant brain tumor after a year and a half of treatment, my husband is hell-bent on going to medical school at the age of 32, and we recently moved again for the 3rd time in 4 years and are staying with my parents while we look for a house. I've learned through all of this that good food and a healthy, active lifestyle is the key to a joyful and energetic life. Here, you'll find our life updates, healthy and family friendly recipes, and encouragement to anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

When I'm not in the kitchen, you'll find me going for a run listening to my favorite Spotify playlist, hitting up local hot spots with friends, or playing outside with my littles. While I to strive eat fresh and organic most of the time, my guilty go-to's are colby jack cheese or sour gummies. It's all about balance, right? ;)